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Here is a story about a jewel…

When the specialists and admirers all gathered round, they took a look at the roots and found a lot to work with. The colours were very representative of its values; Teal for commitment, Aqua for balance, Grey for practicality, and finally White for simplicity and neutral grounds.

One thing was still missing however, how was it going to communicate its energy… its vigour? There was need for brightness – to show the world it was alive and kicking. To get the attention it deserved. So the specialist’s attention focused on what was missing in the colour palate. This led to introducing the bright shade of turquoise to facilitate a better flow of energy and uplifting of spirits. Then followed the delicate shade of powder blue for a comfortable contrast; in contrast we see beautiful things more clearly they sang.

After deciding on the hues of harmony, the discussion shifted to the type of business this jewel was intended for. Definitely not to stay on the shelf or on paper; it needed to jump right off the page into the real world. This jewel belonged on someone’s finger, on someone’s desk. There and then came the transformation from a flat 2D screen into a 3D world adding the dimension that could express depth, engagement, and demonstrate the energy that PROTRAINING delivered with the promises it made its clients. The specialists expressed this existence in the transformation from square to cube. They reminded themselves that this jewel was in business to shape future performance. They sat back and celebrated the precision PROTRAINING was about to project on the world and the winning psychology of the cube over the square.

What can a cube tell us? they asked and they were answered with this… A cube indicates desire to be constructive, ability to see all sides of an issue. A cube is also the timeless and reliable building block of everything that lasts. While a square is not indigenous to nature and to life, a cube is. The cube is the shape that is building the future one programme at a time. The cube can be constructive if you place them carefully and disruptive if you allow them to freely fall. Just like the methodologies PROTRAINING uses when delivering its programmes.

The next question to ask was how will the cube and this palette communicate and express on behalf of PROTRAINING.

It all starts with a simple white page in the shape of a square.

The general guidelines are that we will structure the cubes carefully to communicate pillars (our people), our building blocks (our programmes), and our partners. We will allow the cubes to fall freely and to tumble, when we communicate transformation, disruption, and fun.

The story continues and will be told as it unfolds one day at a time

Our people care about your people. From the first meeting through to delivery and beyond the PRO Team strive and succeed to provide you with the best results possible. Our approach to your learning and development needs guarantees engagement of your delegates.


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