PROTRAINING will offer a one-day workshop on ‘Managing Grief in the Workplace’ covering all aspects of loss and grief and practical ways to support grieving employees at work.

Based on the latest figures of the National Bureau of Statistics (2013) an estimated 3% of the UAE working population is affected by loss and grief, which adds up to more than 120,000 employees, at any given time.

These figures only seem to reveal the tip of the iceberg, as the subject of grief and loss is not something we feel very comfortable talking about, and so far few statistics are available on the effects of grief in the workplace.

“Grief is not an illness; it is the natural and normal response to loss. We often think of grief as a result of losing someone close through death, however other significant losses such as separation, divorce, illness or dealing with financial issues can also cause grief reactions” says Marjan Kaddouri, Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer.

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