PROTRAINING showcases new innovation solution – Vulcanus.

Dubai, UAE, April 17, 2016 – The current trends in the global markets reflect a paradigm shift towards sustainability and lean production. From SMEs to larger organizations, there is a growing consensus of creating innovative solutions which will serve the dual purpose of eliminating Muda (waste) as well as enhancing their corporate reputation by contributing positively to the local economy. Another evidence of this metamorphosis can be seen in the rise of the CINO i.e. Chief Innovation Officer – a new job designation that cropped up in the past decade and can today be found in many organizations with dedicated R&D and Innovation Departments.

In fact, UAE has been at the top of this development by undertaking initiatives to foster a culture of innovation throughout all the Emirates. The UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, which was launched in 2014, aims to make UAE as one of the most innovative nations in the world in the next few years. The NIS framework is structured around the creation of an innovation-friendly environment. Furthermore, 2015 was also declared as the Year of Innovation in UAE.

Keeping up with the current trends and always at the forefront of catering to the corporate learning & development needs of the GCC region, PROTRAINING, a leading professional training and team building consultancy based in the UAE, has launched ‘Vulcanus’ – an Open Innovation Game. This new international business simulation is designed to give the participants a wholesome experience of Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Cooperation.

“In practice, more than 50% of innovations fail. It’s not enough for the management to simply promote creativity in the organization; for successful innovation, there needs to be an innovation ecosystem in place. Collaboration is an important key while looking for new sustainable solutions and businesses must explore internal and external partnerships that can help them in achieving their goals. Through Vulcanus, we facilitate the leveraging of all the different processes that fall under innovation to give the participants a realistic experience of the innovation process,” said Patricia O’Sullivan, MD of PROTRAINING.

PROTRAINING is showcasing ‘Vulcanus’ on 24th April at Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai. To reserve your seat for the complimentary business breakfast meeting, please contact

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