Agile & Scrum

An interactive Agile training, including a simulation for experiencing and thoroughly understanding the Scrum framework. Try this user friendly training that gets everyone included and on board in just one day.

Welcome to the world of Agile – where you will hear of Scrum, Sprints, Burn Down’s, Standup’s, Kanban and Iterations … to mention just a few of the terms that can make it all sound like either a complex art or a new sport.

The ‘Agile Movement’ relates to product development and projects in many areas of business, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of Agile practitioners all around the world.

Whilst traditionally associated with the Software industry, Agile is now being implemented in all sorts industries from Finance to Fashion and is as much part of the conversations happening in boardrooms as IT rooms.

It is now seen as the essential weapon for digital transformation projects, rapid product development and responding to the ever-changing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business landscape. With its emphasis on customer value, flexibility, collaboration and speed, Agile projects enjoy a high success rate.

Key Benefits

Agile projects by contrast worked on shorter spans of planning

Agile Responds flexibly to changing business needs

There are more opportunities for feedback and supports rapid development 

Delivery of more working products, often ahead of time.

Promotes communication and collaboration

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