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What is Power Hour?

We can meet the needs of Today’s Learner

All the research points to the fact that that today’s learner is more distracted, overwhelmed, and impatient. We already know they prefer getting information the fastest way possible, with the highest level of engagement and ‘edutainment’ in the process. Operational managers are also pressing for in-classroom training that doesn’t cause absences from the business for days on end. Meanwhile according to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient.

Here’s how we can meet the needs of the learner, the business and honour the science.
PROTRAINING has effectively condensed the essence of important business topics, concepts, tools and techniques into an hour’s duration to give the essential components to your team in the minimum time. We call this the ‘Power Hour’

Power Hour

Power Hour topics include;

Change in challenging times

Business writing

Assertiveness at work

Customised digital quiz

Conflict handling

Agile and the language of Scrum (overview)

Key Benefits

Focused and time efficient

Live, face to face and interactive

Upskill or refresh just in time

Comprehensive range of ready to go topics

Create the culture of ongoing learning

Effortlessly launch a new initiative


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